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Behavioral Health Clinic

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Northern Health Center’s Behavioral Health Clinic is a Wisconsin Certified Outpatient Mental Health Clinic. We understand the importance of overall health, and that includes your mental health. Challenges may arise in life which make it difficult to cope with everyday events and tasks. Grief, loss, depression, anxiety, stress, marital conflict, children’s behavioral challenges and alcohol and other drug addictions are all issues that can affect the ability to function day to day. Our Behavioral Health Providers understand these challenges and work in partnership with individuals, children, adolescents, parents, and couples to support improved functioning and overall well-being. We care about you and can ensure that your privacy is our number one priority. Counseling services and client information are kept confidential.


Licensed Mental Health Clinicians Provide:

School Based Services available for Wabeno School District

Emotional/Behavioral Counseling

Confidential individual counseling is provided to support skill development and improve coping skills.


Family Counseling and Parent Support

Support for the entire family can be provided in the school setting or can be scheduled separately at the clinic.


Consultation with Teachers/ Providers

With parent consent, behavioral health staff can work with teachers and other service providers to support improvements with behaviors and challenges at home and school.


As a part of our Wisconsin Certified Behavior-al Health Clinic, Northern Health Centers is offering Behavioral Health Services within the school setting. Due to the partnership developed with your school district, your child now has access to confidential counseling services provided by a licensed mental health counselor during their school day. If your child is struggling with emotional or behavioral concerns you can request services by contacting their teacher, principal, or by directly contacting Northern Health Centers, Inc. Behavioral Health Services are not provided by the school but are provided by and billed through Northern Health Centers, Inc. Northern Health Centers, Inc. accepts all forms of insurance and has a sliding fee program for the uninsured. Please feel free to contact our Behavioral Health Staff with any additional questions about our School Based Services.



Primary Care

We have the unique opportunity to work closely with medical providers to help support your complete health care needs. We understand how mental health challenges can negatively impact your physical health. With your written permission, Behavioral Health Providers can coordinate with your primary care providers to ensure your mental and physical health needs are met.



Consulting Services

Behavioral Health Providers can offer consulting services to organizations who serve individuals who struggle with mental health challenges or are interested in self-improvement. Consulting services can involve informative presentations, group meetings or individual meetings.

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