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Cancellation Policy


To care for the many patients needing services, and to assure our clinicians can give you the professional time and attention you need, it is our policy to give preference to the patients who keep their appointments and show up on time.

Patients more than  fifteen minutes late for an appointment or who do not show up at all will be counted as a “no show”. Late patients are given “walk-in” priority, but the “no show” is recorded on your account. If you “no show”  two times within 12 months, you will be dismissed from the practice.

Patients will be seen in the following priority: emergencies, sick children, appointed patients, urgent walk in patients, non-urgent walk in patients, then standby patients.






Phone: (715) 276-6321

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Fax: (715) 276-1428


White Lake


Phone: (715) 882-2353

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If there is a conflict with your appointment time, call 24 hours in advance to reschedule.



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