Northern Health Centers to Merge with NorthLakes Community Clinic

In 2019 Northern Health Centers (NHC) will merge with NorthLakes Community Clinic. NorthLakes Community Clinic is a sister Federally Qualified Health Center headquartered in Iron River, Wisconsin. The NHC Board of Directors made the decision in 2018 as a way to respond to better serve patients now and into the future.

"As a smaller community health center, we determined it was time to find a partner that could provide us more depth in some of the foundational back-end aspects of running a community health center," says Shelly White, CEO of Northern Health Centers. "Merging with NorthLakes Community Clinic allows us to continue serving the people of northeast Wisconsin, while having additional resources available to improve overall patient experience and stabilize our future."

White, along with the rest of the Northern Health Centers staff, will remain on the team; and additional dental, medical and mental health providers and staff are being hired. The White Lake, Oconto and Lakewood locations will remain open and provide the same services as before. Patients will notice few changes, other than communication and billing will come from NorthLakes Community Clinic. There will also be an additional resource available for patients via a change in the Sliding Fee Scale. As part of this merger, under- or un-insured patients who qualify for the first level (Slide A) of the Sliding Fee Scale will now pay no ($0) co-pay. Currently, the co-pay is $20.

If you have any questions about the merger, please feel free to contact Shelly White at 715-276-6321 ext. 229.



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